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Can we be parents in a world without screens?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently conducted a study which recommends that children under the age of 18 months be permitted no screen time – that includes television, movies, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Strange, it’s almost as if nobody at the AAP has had kids yet… According to the report, “Parents who want to see…

My week with Martha: Tuesday

As my crash course in fatherhood gathered pace, here’s a post all about Tuesday – a.k.a the ‘difficult second album’… Monday had gone far better than I’d expected, and it had given me an air of hubris. When my wife got home and asked about my day at the helm, I adopted an air of insouciance, as if it could be taken as read that a man of my years and experience could look after a 10-month-old baby without a second thought....