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Inspirational Women

It may not surprise those who know me, but I’ve always been in touch with my feminine side; and it doesn’t just manifest itself in wearing a lot of pastel pink during summer. I grew up in a one-parent family and my mother I spent a couple of years in a rehab with about eight…

Lessons learned from an unconventional upbringing

I’ve heard a lot of guff spoken about the importance of the traditional nuclear family unit, usually from right wingers. I remember this from Iain Duncan Smith in 2009:
“We now know that children suffer hugely if they don’t get the balance of two parents in their upbringing. Those with two parents are less likely to take drugs, more likely to do well at school, more likely to get jobs.” Hmm... I’m not so sure myself. I was raised by a single mum. Not only that, but a single mum with a serious heroin habit. And miraculously, I have a well-paid job, a degree (albeit in the performing arts) and not even the slightest hint of a drug habit, yet! I’m not even sure that the notion of a traditional family unit even exists anymore. In fact, in my experience, one-parent families are just as likely to produce bright, intelligent and emotionally stable children as other clans are. ...