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When Jamie Oliver met Dandy Dad

So it’s official – I belong to the blogosphere. Be careful what you wish for hey?! I started this blog three months ago, largely as a reaction to the poor quality of the mummy blogger content that I was editing for my clients, but also because I thought that it would be funny to talk about pocket squares and tweed blazers instead of weaning and sleep training. Fast forward a few months and an invite arrives in my inbox from the lovely people at the Huffington Post asking if I’d like to be part of a blogger discussion panel on parenting, chaired by Jamie Oliver. ...

Who needs another mummy blogger?

A big part of my 9-5 life involves working with bloggers on behalf of big brands that want to piggyback on their popularity. For example, if a blogger with a large following writes about a particular product one day, you’ll see a definite spike in sales the next....