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Dandy Dad’s dose of reality

At the end of summer last year, a few weeks before my daughter was born (and with a particularly hubristic flourish) I wrote an article in the Guardian stating categorically that I wouldn’t trade in my life as an urban peacock to suddenly become ‘dadcore’, along with its comfortable and practical accoutrements like selvedge jeans, hoodies, trainers and (heaven forbid) baby harnesses. Well, six months down the line, and a week after being forced to throw away my favourite pair of Crockett and Jones loafers after getting green (yes it was racing green) baby shit on them, I have to hold my hands up and say I was wrong. I was SO wrong. ...

Dandy Dad’s Essentials: The Bank Holiday Don Draper look

As my moniker would suggest, I’m not really into casual wear. I don’t really do jeans or hoodies. Casual for me might mean not wearing a tie clip or sporting a pair of Jack Purcell with my chinos instead of loafers (well, sometimes you’ve just got to cut loose). However, with the onset of summer, there are certain concessions a foppish father simply has to make, no matter how much it irks him. Obviously layering is out, as is anything woollen – unless you want to sweat uncontrollably or look like you’re taking part in the Tweed Run. Therefore, a more stripped-back approach is warranted, but dandy dads, please choose your weapons carefully. ...