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Dandy Dad’s Heroes: Stuart Heritage

Ah, the internet; so much to answer for. The democratisation of media for one. In my very limited experience of blogging, becoming a parent does not a good writer make. In fact, one of the main reasons for starting this blog in the first place was the lack of quality being pumped out into the parenting arena of the blogosphere. So much poor writing, so many dull lives; or so it would seem......

When Jamie Oliver met Dandy Dad

So it’s official – I belong to the blogosphere. Be careful what you wish for hey?! I started this blog three months ago, largely as a reaction to the poor quality of the mummy blogger content that I was editing for my clients, but also because I thought that it would be funny to talk about pocket squares and tweed blazers instead of weaning and sleep training. Fast forward a few months and an invite arrives in my inbox from the lovely people at the Huffington Post asking if I’d like to be part of a blogger discussion panel on parenting, chaired by Jamie Oliver. ...