I’m probably the only person currently working in digital media that still wears a tie. Not sure whether I blame Millennials or more of a societal shift towards casual wear for this dip in sartorial standards, but it seems a shame that the only time my colleagues are likely to wear sa necktie is for a wedding or the annual work jolly to Ascot. Anyway, I’ll leave them to their plaid shirts and converse sneakers because I bloody love a good tie me, and in my humble opinion, any self-respecting gentleman will have at least a dozen hanging up in his wardrobe (or more likely rolled up in his sock drawer).

Some beautiful examples of hand-knitted wool ties.

This explains why I was sent into spasms of joy when I saw that Penelope Cream was going to send me one of her unique creations to wear. I’d been an admirer of her hand-knitted wool ties, in all their glorious saturated colours, for years. Inspired by couture pieces from the 1920s-1940s, there’s something timeless about her designs, and if you’re just starting your collection, a knitted tie (in wool or silk) is a great all rounder; smart enough for wear with a suit, but will also look great just in your shirtsleeves and chinos/jeans if you like to turn it down a notch at weekends. The added texture that a knitted tie gives you is also another element you can have fun playing around with.

TEXTURE to the power 3!

As you can see from the above pic, I matched her ‘grey with a hint of spring’ tie with a brown cord sports jacket and tweed waistcoat to really try and reach those textural heights!

What’s great about a quality knitted tie in general is that they should be soft and malleable enough for you to be able to create a very small four in hand knot, meaning that you can wear them with a button down Oxford shirt for extra preppy appeal.

Hmm…nice!  Matched with an unironed WBDO and burgundy wool cardigan. 

And if all this versatility wasn’t already enough of a selling point, all the wool in Penelope Cream ties is dyed by hand in small artisan studios, so each one is unique. There’s also talk of her incorporating some Fair Isle designs into the collection shortly, which I hope somehow to be involved with: watch this space…

Handcrafted: this is where your money goes!

So remember; fix up look smart!