If you think about it, babies are the perfect market for disposable fashion brands like Primark and H&M to exploit. Because they’re growing so quickly, most items of clothing only really last a few months before your baby has outgrown them, then it’s time to buy some more temporary replacements and so it goes on, ad infinitum. If you think about it, young kids are the ultimate consumers.

Anyway, logic would have it that you buy cheap if you’re buying often, and most of the time this makes sense, even to a label hound like me. I’ll allow my wife to put babygrows, vests and socks in the basket at Mothercare or Tesco, as they’re unlikely to be seen by anyone else and will likely be caked in sh*t or puke before too long. However, when it comes to something as important as a winter coat for example, your choice has to be much more considered. Introducing the first of Martha’s Essentials – the pink fake fur peacoat from Kenzo.


Chilling at home in jeans

It’s something stupid like £80 but don’t let that put you off; you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. I bought the 3-6 month size before Martha was born and she’s been able to wear it since she was about a month old. She’s seven months now and it still just about fits her if she’s not got a cardigan on underneath. It’s snuggly as hell, has little aged metal buttons and looks great with her little jeans. Plus when you take it off there’s a subtle little label inside makes fellow fashionistas raise their eyebrows appreciatively.


Just grabbing a quick coffee dahling

It’s almost worth having another baby so we can get another six months wear out of it. Almost…