I’ve been a big fan of Mothercare’s clothing range since I started this parenting lark. In particular, I rate the ongoing collaborations they have with Mylene Klass (the subtle ‘My K‘ range) and Jools Oliver (the retro ‘Little Bird‘ collection) and so I looked forward to seeing what they had in store for A/W18.

The press day was held at a gallery space in Fitzrovia and I could write a whole blog post on the painful journey there on public transport (In fact, I think I will, so watch this space) where no provision at all is made for people with buggies – not to mention those in wheelchairs. Something I’ve noticed is that it’s generally only women who offer to help you get up and down stairs on the rail or tube networks if you have children in tow – weird huh? Guys, you’re a bloody disgrace.

Martha tries on a hat from the new collection, wearing her Little Bird pinafore dress
An example of the muted colour scheme
How cute – almost makes me want another baby. NOT.

Anyway, the first thing to greet me as I walked through the door of the venue was a donut wall. I’d never seen one of these before and I almost missed it until Martha ran straight up to a row of chocolate covered donuts hanging on wooden hooks on the wall and squeezed one in her hands until chocolate sauce spurted out. She did this to a few of them, which meant I had to take them down and eat them as they’d been spoilt (boo hoo). Fine after one or two but by the third creme filled chocolate covered donut with sprinkles on top, I wanted to puke – beware the donut wall!

On to the clothes, and when it comes to the rather subtle newborn and baby collections, there are no alarms and no surprises, which is no bad thing. They come in very neutral shades, so lots of oatmeals, beiges, greys and pale blues, and all feel soft and comfy to the touch. There were also a couple of very cute shoes, hats, scarves and boots on display, so your new addition can accessorise to their heart’s content.

My top pick from the My K collection
You go girl!

Where the clothing gets interesting is with the collaborations with Mylene Klass and Jools Oliver, the former providing a chic and subtle collection, with a black and grey leopard print wool cardigan being the stand out piece. This is in direct opposition to Oliver’s retro rainbow coloured clothing; think bright, 70s florals and pinafore dresses. They contrast very effectively, especially as they’d been put together on display here.

I would wear this if it came in my size – Little Bird from Jools Oliver
Retro pinafore dress

The final display to catch my eye was advertising something called the Dad Pad, which is a 32-page, laminated booklet written in conjunction with the NHS and aimed at first time dads, giving help and advice on everything from how to change a nappy to holding and handling your baby. I really like this idea. You can download a free sample here so see more.

The new dad bible

A final shout out to the lovely team at Mothercare, who were amazing. They whisked the kids away to play in the ball pit almost as soon as I’d got there, offering me coffee and smoothies all morning while I took in the collection at my leisure. Top work!