I’m not a massive fan of the heat. Personally, summer represents the dichotomy between clement weather and the end of layering as a fashion option. It’s tough to make a statement with just a T-shirt, penny loafers and chinos, but hey, I’m always up for a challenge. However, new seasons bring with them new collections, which means I can play dress up with my daughters and Martha has to endure more kiddie fashion photoshoots, the poor girl.

Quirky Danish label Molo contacted me recently about their baby girl summer collection, which I was keen to take a closer look once I’d had a peek at their website, which was full of interesting prints, vibrant colours and unusual shapes. So here’s my attempt at a fashion shoot in the garden with Martha; excuse the dummy as it was the only thing that kept her from screaming the neighbourhood down. I managed to get about seven different looks in before she had a complete meltdown. All items by Molo.

Akayla star shorts and Rachelle T-shirt

Benete skirt and Ripley jumper

Raewyn ice cream jersey and Ava shorts

Benete skirt and Maya beaded collar jumper

Ava shorts

Georgina coral cardigan and Aliya star shorts

Ripley jersey and Akayla star shorts

Aliza llama print shorts