Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the best ideas aren’t the ones you have down the pub, three pints in. ‘Brainstorming’ some blog post ideas with friends in my local, the following conversation ensued:

“You bang on about being into fashion and that, why don’t you do an autumn/winter looks photoshoot with your daughter?”

“Yes! The headline could be ‘Can a man dress his own daughter appropriately?’ Lucky she’s not a boy or she’d already be wearing bow ties, braces and Fair Isle tank tops.”

“You know loads of photographers, ask one of them for a favour. Anyway, the iPhone has an HDR setting, so you can even take the pics yourself.”

This sounded like a perfectly reasonable idea to me at the time, as the Doom Bar began to warm my cockles. Move over Mario Testino, it’s Dandy Dad’s time to shine.

The cold, hard reality is that most of my photographer friends either don’t do freebees or don’t have children, and therefore found the idea of taking pictures of a toddler on a cold October Sunday afternoon a bit of a turn off. After exhausting several avenues, it would be left to me and my trusty iPhone to capture the ‘magic’.

A quick rifle through Martha’s draws revealed some as yet undiscovered gems, so all I had to do was arrange some looks, make my daughter stand still for more than one and a half seconds, and then work out how to use the flash, focus and HDR settings on my phone; what could be easier?

Here are eight (what could loosely be considered) ‘looks’ I managed to capture over the weekend. Being a stylist and photographer for a one-year-old’s photoshoot is hell by the way, don’t ever attempt it.

1. The Autumnal Toddle In The Garden

Black and white dress by Búho, red children’s duffel coat by JoJo Maman Bébé, Ella Ruby first shoes by Clarks

2. The Captain Haddock

Children’s fisherman’s jacket and Wellington boots by JoJo Maman Bébé, cable knit jumper dress by Mothercare

3. The Christmas Cat

Cat jumper by Primark, red cords by Mothercare

4. The Garden Party

My K Bunny Sweat Top by Mothercare, skirt by Gap Kids

5. The Colour Match

Dress by JoJo Maman Bébé

6. The 70s Will Never Die

Little Bird by Jools Brown Cord Pinafore, quilted jacket by Ralph Lauren, Madras shirt by Primark

7. The Hippy Chic

Little Bird by Jools (Mothercare) Ditsy Floral Jumpsuit

8. The Cocktail Hour

Dress by R Mini (La Redoute)