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Peppa Pig – a passive aggressive porker?

I’ve long harboured suspicions that there’s a dark side to Peppa’s personality. Early on in the first series she exhibited signs of a selfish streak; see Best Friend (series 1, episode 3) where she won’t let her little brother George play with her and her friend Suzi

We’re only making plans for Nigel

Nigel and I have come along away together since he came to live with me in London during the summer of 2003. A fluffy ginger Tom with entitlement issues and an almost pathological hatred of girls, he’s been by my side (and in my wardrobe/bed/drawers)

Martha’s Essentials: The Kenzo peacoat

If you think about it, babies are the perfect market for disposable fashion brands like Primark and H&M to exploit. Because they’re growing so quickly, most items of clothing only really last a few months before your baby has outgrown them, then it’s time to

The big reveal

George at ASDA recently revealed the results of a survey about how parents choose to break the news of a new baby. Of the people polled, 57% announced their first pregnancy to family in person and 54% told their friends face-to-face. So far so normal

The Dandy Dad Manifesto (Part 1)

I’m in a bit of a bind. Although I’m overjoyed at the news that I’ll be a father for the first time next month, my inner fashionista is frankly terrified. You see, I’m a bit of an urban exhibitionist. In fact, I own more pairs

To NCT or not to NCT? That is the question…

Whether it is nobler in the mind to bear the slings and arrows of well-meaning but really quite dull parents in your local area… As soon as my wife and I announced our engagement, she had a religious epiphany and declared that she’d been a

Alternative lullabies

As the father of a young baby, I’m often struggling to justify my existence. Between changing a wet nappy at 5.30am and trying to collapse our ridiculous Rube Goldberg buggy, I often feel as useful as an inflatable dartboard. However, at around 2am this morning –

Generic family

Who needs another mummy blogger?

A big part of my 9-5 life involves working with bloggers on behalf of big brands that want to piggyback on their popularity. For example, if a blogger with a large following writes about a particular product one day, you’ll see a definite spike in