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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Don’t be another Crouch End parent

For those of you not part of the sneering, metropolitan elite, Crouch End is a much sought-after hamlet of north London, and home to many solvent, middle class, bohemian families. And as such, it exhibits some of the most extreme examples of attachment parenting anywhere

When Jamie Oliver met Dandy Dad

So it’s official – I belong to the blogosphere. Be careful what you wish for hey?! I started this blog three months ago, largely as a reaction to the poor quality of the mummy blogger content that I was editing for my clients, but also

5 things you’re told you need that you don’t

Checklists – how bloody organised. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make loads of them when your baby is born. Between mumsnet, midwives, your parents and the NHS website, you’ll have a list as long as your arm of essential items you have to buy. Some will be invaluable,